About Us

Gwarllwyn is a traditional stone Welsh long house built into the hillside.  For many years it was a large working farm with over 50 acres,  keeping sheep, cattle and growing potatoes.  Over the years land has been sold off and it is now a private equestrian residence set in ten acres.  It took us four and a half years of dedicated house hunting to find this wonderful location.  Bob is a vet and Debs has had a career in sales and marketing.

Dimple Before

Dimple Oct 2012

We keep a horse and a pony, two pet sheep, seventeen chickens, three cats and a dog,  none of whom, you will be pleased to hear,  are allowed in the guest accommodation.  The majority of our animals we have taken in as rescues and we also rehome ex-commercial hens destined for slaughter.


Dimple May 2013

We are the latest custodians of the house known locally as the  Kenny Everett house.  Kenny lived here in the 1970’s with his wife Lee following one of his periodic  sackings and reinstatement’s by the BBC.  The BBC would no longer allow him to go out live on air, so he built a recording studio in what is now the bedroom of the B&B, which he to referred to as “The hut on the hill.”  Whilst here they kept cattle, sheep and chickens.  The locals have many colourful tales to tell of their famous neighbour and speak very fondly of him and Lee in particular.  Our favourite story is Dilwyn’s Dad’s hat.  Kenny was visiting our neighbouring farmer and took a shine to his hat.  He asked if he could have it and popped it on his head.  As he walked away he turned around and shouted “Watch Top of the Pops on Thursday night!”  This was a time when not everyone here had a television set let alone watched TOTP.  The farmers all gathered around a T.V. set that Thursday evening and low and behold there was Kenny dressed as a Welsh sheep farmer wearing ‘The Hat’.  The BBC footage has recently been removed from Youtube as he comments on a girl’s “nice udders!”

George and his friends

George and his friends

We would love to welcome you to Gwarllwyn and if you are a nature lover we will introduce you to our menagerie.  George our pet sheep is a real character and gives us hours of amusement with his antics.